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Cricut Cutting

Let me start by saying I am no expert on cutting machines.  I have never worked for a manufacturer and I am by now means a pro is in the crafting word.  I have just a regular crafter/mom with opinions and a few tips on her cutting machine.

There are a lot of different craft cutting machines on the market today.  I have had my Cricut Machine for over 7 years now.  I really like it.  I think the machine is well built, and it works well, but there are some things that drive me crazy about it!  There are also some things that I love about it!  I’ll also go over some of the tricks that I’ve learned over the years from owning my cricut.  Hopefully, some of it will help you!

The thing that drives me the most crazy about the Cricut is the cartridges that they make you buy.  I feel like it limits your creativity.  Maybe, if the cartridges weren’t as expensive as they are it would be a little different.  I know that there are other machines that don’t require you to have cartridges but you can buy individual cut files.  I think that would be a lot better, at least for me.  Then, you don’t have to have to buy one cartridge with so many different cut files just for the one that you want.  That is probably my biggest complaint.