Cricut Cutting

Let me start by saying I am no expert on cutting machines.  I have never worked for a manufacturer and I am by now means a pro is in the crafting word.  I have just a regular crafter/mom with opinions and a few tips on her cutting machine.

There are a lot of different craft cutting machines on the market today.  I have had my Cricut Machine for over 7 years now.  I really like it.  I think the machine is well built, and it works well, but there are some things that drive me crazy about it!  There are also some things that I love about it!  I’ll also go over some of the tricks that I’ve learned over the years from owning my cricut.  Hopefully, some of it will help you!

The thing that drives me the most crazy about the Cricut is the cartridges that they make you buy.  I feel like it limits your creativity.  Maybe, if the cartridges weren’t as expensive as they are it would be a little different.  I know that there are other machines that don’t require you to have cartridges but you can buy individual cut files.  I think that would be a lot better, at least for me.  Then, you don’t have to have to buy one cartridge with so many different cut files just for the one that you want.  That is probably my biggest complaint.


Placemat Bags

Placemat bags are super easy, and be really cute, and did I mention, super easy!  I am not a crafty person, I’ve tried to be crafty and I enjoy the craftiness of others, but I am not one of the thinkers.  I don’t have the talent of looking at something and making it into something better.  My husband on the other hand is a thinker and after being married to my husband for 9 years, he had taught me a lot about thinking out of the box, and looking at how things are made and making them your own.

I came from a family that didn’t “make” very many things.  My mom was a good cook but she never really got into crafting.  My dad is a person who buys everything from the store.  He grew up on a farm but he never showed us how to grow our own food, or think out of the box on how things were made.  If something broke then you go to the store and buy a new one, there is no pulling things apart to try to get it to work.  They both just don’t really think like that.  Both my parents think differently then my husband when it comes to putting things together and getting things to work.  My husband is always trying to figure out things are done or a more efficient way of doing things.  So it has taken me some time (still working on it) but I’m starting to slowly see the world a little differently then what is right in front of me, and its been kind of fun!  Trying to look at things as a starting point instead of an end.  I try to look at things to see if something can be made from it, or better from it.  Its pretty hard, its a totally different way of thinking.  Its pretty fun to get those “creative eyes” working and seeing things for their potential.  Anyways, thats how the placemat bags are, because you take something that was designed for another purpose and you make it your own, to suit your purpose.


Paint and What I’ve learned about it. . .

Holy cow!  Paint colors are so hard for me!  When we first moved into our house I wanted colors that would pop, and be fun for the kids rooms and calm, pretty colors in the commons spaces.  I’ve never really chosen paint colors, at least not for a whole house so it has been a learning experience for me.  Some of the choices were good, and some not at good.  I thought I would pass off some of the wisdom that I have learned onto you, I hope it helps when you have to make these choices.

At the time we moved into our house, about four years, that is when Martha Stewart came out with her own paint line at Home Depot.  I really like it because she took a lot of the guess work out of matching paint colors with trim and ceiling.  The problem was that her line cost too much money and the paint wasn’t very good(that’s what the home depot guy told me).  I never used her paint, so I don’t know but I loved the colors in her line so I was really sad to see it go!  She had all her different colors coded so you can see which colors would go with each other.  It was great, it made for more cohesive choices.

What I also think you should do when you are picking out paint colors is see how it looks in all lights and times of day. We recently how our windows cleaned by Cash. Shout out I was amazed at how much brighter our home was after they cleaned the windows. So if you think you have a good paint color did you also like it at night? What about in the morning how does it look? When was the last time you cleaned the windows?


Girl Headbands

I am a slacker when it comes to doing crafts.  I can stare and dream about the projects on pinterest, but when it comes to me acctually doing a craft project then I really slack off!  It just takes a lot for me to make a new mess when I’m trying to clean up after three kids all day.  The cooking, cleaning and laundry never go away, so I can do something else but I always have to go back and finish the cooking, cleaning and laundry.  I have noticed that when I do crafts I am happier, because at least something is getting done!  I am able to create, and  I feel a little accomplished!  Lately I have been trying to make a greater effort to get some little crafts done.  I want to feel better and feel accomplished, instead of always feeling behind with all the work that needs to be done around the house with kids!

So today I’m going to talk to you about the craft that I did on Sunday morning while my husband and kids were watching the Barcelona Soccer game!  I made some cute little hair bows for my little girl to wear to church.  She has short hair and sometimes we struggle to think of different ways to have fun with it.  I’m not super good at hair!!

It was really easy, it didn’t take long at all!  Again, if you do it you’ll feel accomplished too!!


Teacher Appreciation Gift

Hey all here is my first post. We are going to be covering little crafts some will turn out great others will not. join me on this adventure.

I have two school aged kids and love them so much. Its “Teacher Appreciation Week” this wee so I tried to get something together for my kids to take to their teachers.  I am so grateful for our educators and what they do.  I am grateful for the work that they put in day in and day out for my kids. So at the end of the year I needed to make sure I got them something to show them how much we love them!  I know that nothing that I do can show them the appreciation that i have for them, but at least we worked on it.

I am still going to try to explain how simple this was to make, and how the kids were able to help and contribute to the gift.  It ended up being a lot of fun to make with the kids.

Teacher Appreciation



Welcome to My new website

Hey guys, I am excited to launch this website. Called Mayday Anime. We are here to have fun. Please check back tomorrow.